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Realtors use Googles new click to call to get your next listing

Hello, this is Google calling, I have a call for you, please hold. Sound funny? Well, it might just be the next online advertising wave for professional Realtors. Google has done it again. Google has come out with some very innovative advertising programs lately and this one is right up your ally if you're a professional Realtor. Along with your Google AdWords pay per click campaign for your real estate website you can now have "click to call".

Instead of your real estate customers clicking through to your real estate website, they can now call you directly from your pay per click ad. If you're a Realtor It's a new and unique way for you to connect with potential real estate customers in your area. Here's how it works. Next to your Google AdWords ad your customers will see a phone icon.

When your new real estate customer clicks the phone icon, they enter your phone number next they click "Connect For Free". Google calls the number they provided. When you pick up, you hear ringing on the other end as Google connects you to your new customer. Next thing you know, your phone is ringing and there is a brand new real estate lead on the other end. This service will make it easier for potential real estate clients to contact you without searching through your website for contact information. Realtors without a strong web presence, or first page ranking, have found that Goggles pay per click advertising is a great way to compete with other real estate websites in their market.

Goggles "click to call" is going to turn up the volume on real estate AdWords ads. To make your potential clients feel more comfortable, Google won't share the customers telephone number with you, the advertiser. In addition, Google will delete the customers phone number from their servers after a short period of time.

Also, Google foots the bill for all calls, local and long distance. However, if the customer calls your mobile phone, they may incur airtime fees depending on the mobile phone plan. Check your mobile phone provider for details. This advertising product is geared towards smaller businesses and is perfect for the professional Realtor.

Imagine, new real estate customers calling you when they come across your Google pay per click ad. You're real estate customers can now have a direct pipe line to you, the real estate professional. You might be asking yourself why is pay per click advertising important for my real estate website? If you're a Realtor, having a professional real estate web presence should be an important part of your real estate business.

However, just having a website will not guarantee success. You need to market your website. If your clients don't know you're there, you may as well have a lemonade stand in the middle of the desert. You might have the best lemonade in the world, but, if no one can find you, you're not going to sell much lemonade. Pay per click advertising is the fastest, most cost effective way for you to start marketing your website. In real estate, one good listing or buyer can turn into thousands in commissions.

Now with Goggles "click to call" your potential customers will have the luxury of speaking directly to you. Realtors are always looking for a way to track visitors to their website. Advertising has always been the life blood of the real estate industry, but it has always been difficult to judge what advertising was working. When someone uses the "click to call" program to inquire about real estate you will be getting live and immediate feedback on your Google advertising.

Real estate is a competitive business. You should be competing for those leads. That's why Pay per click advertising is important for your real estate website and "click to call" will be a great addition to your pay per click advertising campaigns. Remember, Realtors won't be replaced be technology, they will be replaced by the Realtors who use technology to their advantage.

Mike Alves is the owner of http://www.Marketing4Leads.com My business is unique, I market Realtors websites on Google. If you would like to get the edge on you're competition, I can help. Let Mike create a custom advertising campaign on Google for your Real Estate website.

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