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Reasons An Article Writer Can Help You

Not to long ago article directories took off as an excellent way to get traffic to your website. Today that is still true with blogging becoming anther way to use article marketing. You may want to add more fresh content, but do not know how to write articles, or have the time to do it. In this article we will look at 4 reasons you might want to hire an article writer. 1.

Articles give you credibility from your reader. As they are picked up by various directories or ezines you get a viral effect that spreads your name all over the internet. You become known as the expert in your field as you get more and more articles online which is great exposure for you. Hiring an article writer allows you to build up this credibility and all you do is pay for the article. As long as it is 100% exclusively yours you can copyright it as your own and use it however you want. 2.

If you do not know how to write a good article hire a quality article writer to do it for you. A good article writer can structure your article with proper keyword relevancy for both the reader and for search engines. There is a skill to writing an article correctly that you may not know how to do. 3.

Not all article writers are created equal so be careful about who you hire. Many times you get what you pay for. If you have ever paid for sub par articles you know what I am talking about. Original content, exlcusive article are what you need.

Getting articles that are rewritten can be a problem for you in terms of duplicate content. 4. The best way to use articles you pay for is to put together a long term campaign for them. This means several things.

- You need a keyword list of several hundred keywords that the articles will be written around. This means you will be having hundreds of potential articles written and will allow you to dominate your market in the long run by using articles you have written to help you do that. Use these aticles several times a week for web pages and to post in your blog. - To get your articles online use a quality article submission service such as Submit Your Article. They are good because they offer a free program called Article Leverage which allows you to take one article and quickly turn it into hundreds of unique versions. You will want hyperlink the main keyword phrase for your website in the resource box for all of your articles.

If you do not have a bio box have your article writer write one for you. After you begin to build up backlinks for your primary keyword then hyperlink the keyword for each article back to inner pages or blog posts to deep link those pages. If you find a good article writer hang on to them.

You can use them for blog articles or website articles on an ongoing basis. To compete online today you need fresh content on a regular basis. Hiring an article writer is an inexpensive way to do that and you get all of the credit for writing them! Copyright (c) 2007 Jeff Schuman.

Jeff Schuman invites you to visit his article writer website for exclusive blog and website articles. They offer multiple article discounts and 100% copyright on all of your articles. To read his free make money online ecourse "P" Your Way To Online Success please visit Team-Schuman.com website.

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