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Review of Passport to Wealth and Wealthy Marketer

As a Top 1% Marketer and member of both Wealthy Marketer and Passport to Wealth, this article is intended to set forth the objective differences between them. In addition, you'll learn what it's like "on the inside" of both Wealthy Marketer and Passport to Wealth. First, let's discuss the similarities. PRODUCTS Both Passport to Wealth and Wealthy Marketer offer a home business opportunity which enables its members to market and sell their products through the direct sales industry. Their products have similarities, and they include software and ebooks geared primarily towards the home business entrepreneur.

One important difference is that with Wealthy Marketer you also receive a 77-page "$900 a Day Handbook," authored by CEO of Wealthy Marketer Alex Hunter, which includes the specific techniques he used to become a millionaire through network marketing. Now, let's examine the biggest differences between Wealthy Marketer and Passport to Wealth: the Compensation Plans and Training. COMPENSATION PLANS Passport to Wealth uses a "2-Up" compensation plan, which is fairly common in this industry. As a member, you will have to "pass-up" your first two sales to your sponsor before you are "qualified" to earn a commission yourself.

When you add the cost of joining of $1,026.95 ($997 plus first month's fee to company) to your two (2) $997 "qualifying pass-up" sales, the bottom line is that you have spent and lost over $3,000 before you are "qualified" to earn money on your own. By contrast, with Wealthy Marketer you will earn $900 on your very first sale and every sale thereafter. Wealthy Marketer does not require you to "qualify" before earning commissions. In addition, Wealthy Marketer is the first in this industry to pay you on both direct sales and residual sales three (3) levels deep.

You will earn $900 on direct sales, $200 per sale from people you sponsor, and $100 per sale from people they sponsor. This residual income source is tied to you indefinitely. TRAINING An important question for most people looking for a home business opportunity is: "What kind of training can I expect?" Generally speaking, the training you receive is only as good as what your sponsor is willing to share with you.

This is the part where I tell you what it's like "on the inside" of Passport to Wealth and Wealthy Marketer. First, let's look at Passport to Wealth. Passport to Wealth's justification for requiring you to pass up two (2) sales to your sponsor is for the training you receive from your sponsor. However, the reality is that your sponsor in Passport to Wealth knows that as soon as you pass-up your two (2) sales, you will become a competitor.

Therefore, there is no financial incentive for your sponsor to fully disclose what they do to succeed with Passport to Wealth. This can be devastating to a member who needs training and support from their sponsor. With Wealthy Marketer, your sponsor will forever receive residual income from you and the people you sponsor. Therefore, your sponsor in Wealthy Marketer has a substantial financial incentive to treat you as part of a team and train you accordingly by fully disclosing the specific marketing methods which work. Wealthy Marketer's compensation plan encourages its members to cooperate by adhering to Robert Kiyosaki's teachings about leverage and multiple streams of income. COST TO JOIN The cost to join Wealthy Marketer is a One-Time Fee of $1,497.

After that, Wealthy Marketer has no fees. The breakdown is as follows: $900 goes to your sponsor, $200 to your sponsor's sponsor, $100 to their sponsor, and $297 to Wealthy Marketer. With Passport to Wealth, you will pay your sponsor $997, and you will pay $29.95 per month to Passport to Wealth for as long as you are a member of Passport to Wealth.

With Passport to Wealth, over a 1-year period, you will have paid $1,356.40. Over 2 years you will have paid $1,715.

80, and so on. Therefore, Wealthy Marketer seems like a bargain compared to Passport to Wealth. This is especially true when you consider that, for example, after just 3 sales, you will earn $2,700 with Wealthy Marketer and $997 with Passport to Wealth. CONCLUSION Both Passport to Wealth and Wealthy Marketer have decent product lines. However, because Wealthy Marketer's compensation plan pays you immediately and encourages long-term teamwork, Wealthy Marketer will likely be the right choice for most people.

Chris Jackson is an attorney, consultant and top 1% network marketer and works with both beginners and other industry leading marketers from around the world. To learn more, click here: http://www.SuccessWithCJ.net .

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