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What do you want Or What do you need

Do you know which things people purchase the most of? The things they want or the things they need? If you are selling something you should know the answer. It would seem logical that people would buy the necessities first and the purchase the fun stuff after. Who would or would have to eat of potatoes or macaroni and cheese all week after going out and spending a fortune on new golf clubs? No one would do that, would they??? If they are going to play golf with the boss next week at his country club they would.

A good marketer knows that a persons feelings of "want", is much more powerful that just needing something. Does the guy really need a new set of clubs to play golf with the boss? The answer might be two fold on that one. He might be getting prepared to ask for that much deserved raise and what better way to make an impression than to play a strong game of golf and doing so serious bonding before asking for it. But the want has more to do with it. He wants to out drive, out chip, out put, and out play the boss.

He might let him win by a stroke, but he wants to impress him and talk about his game around the water cooler. That is the real goal. What more marketers need to focus on is that strong energy of the will to want. People want to buy things to impress others, to satisfy their desires, to keep up with the Jones's, and to live life to the fullest. Needing something is not really that important, Yeah, I know that bill has to be paid, and yeah, I know we are almost out of groceries, and yeah, I know the car needs new tires, but the new clubs were on sale, and I am playing golf with the boss, and I might be able to get a raise if I can just out drive him on some of the holes. People will think of a good excuse to buy what they want if you give them half a chance.

That is where copy skills come in. First thing you have to know is what your customer wants, not needs. Does he or she want the new software, or need the new software? The answer may be neither. It is the marketer's job to make the customer want it, maybe by showing the need. The objective is to make them want it though, because once they want it, you have sold it.

So the first step is to take a good look at the product or service, and think of as many reasons as you can of why a person would want this. I have given you a few of the reasons why someone would want something. Here is a list for you to think about when you present you products or services: 1. It will impress co-workers or friends 2. It will be fun to use. 3.

It will give them what they need to achieve getting a raise at work. 4. It will be time saving.

So they can have more time to spend with their children, family, or work on other projects 5. It will make their live easier, simpler, with less effort. 6. It will make them look more professional. 7.

It will bring in more customers. 8. It will be exiting to have 9. It will help them achieve their goals. 10.

It will make them happier 11. It will make them a better person 12. It will make them look better. 13.

It will make them look thinner. 14. It will make them more attractive to others. 15.

It will save them money 16. It will make them money. 17. It will help their children and/or family. 18.

It will give them very useful knowledge. 19. It will make them live longer. 20. It will fill them full of energy.

21. It will make them stronger. 22. It will eliminate many of their problems. 23. It will relieve all stress.

24. It will give them a better sex life. 25. It will help them sleep better. I am sure that your products or services do all of the above and I am also sure that there are other things that your products or services do.

I think this is a good start on the list though. I want to specify again that the goal is to make them want. The list sounds like why they need it, and it is a need list, but the more you convince them of how much they need it, then they will want it, and once they want it, it is sold. If your product or service does all of the above I want it, so could you please get a hold of me.

Mike True is a coach and successful marketer that gives people the education, tools, and advice to reach their goals, and be successful in running an on line business. Sign up for the free subscription and receive a more detailed coaching and teaching experience with tips that make your business easier and more profitable. http://www.marketurbusiness.com/products.htm

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