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What Is Abunza

What is Abunza is a question that is being asked all over the internet. The Abunza business opportunity is bi-lingual for English speaking people and Spanish. The co-founders of this business opportunity are Sebastian Saldarriaga and Michael Spire. This opportunity is one of a kind because they are one of the rare ones that focus on Spanish and English. With the Abunza business opportunity you will receive the following when you start your business with them. After reading this information, make sure you do some research to learn more about it before you join.

Only then will you find out if this opportunity is right for you. One: You will have trained professionals to help you. They will make the call backs to your prospects for you so you don't have to talk to them yourself. They handle both the English prospects and the ones that speak Spanish. This call back center is an option many home business owners appreciate because of the time factor. Many people join Abunza on a part time basis and it is hard for them to find the time to promote their business and follow-up as well.

Two: You will have access to hundreds of digital products that will include eBooks, software, audio and video that comes in both English and Spanish abut a variety of different subjects. There are many products that can help you maximize your website traffic. This digital library can be sold as retail products or can be accessed for your own training. This versatility is another great feature they offer to their members. Three: Two ways to earn money with the Abunza business opportunity. You can earn 100% commission for every retail sale you make.

You can also earn money from wholesale sales. This is the method that will help you earn a substantial amount of money. You sell a complete digital library for full price and you make money on the first tier and the second tier of the program. Helping people make money and recruiting them into Abunza is great if you understand the power of duplication.

Because you earn up to $947 on your personal sales and $250 on their sales you can earn big money with this program. In summary the Abunza business opportunity is a very fast growing internet business that can be right for a wide variety of people. You have to decide if it is right for you.

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