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You Have to Invest in Making Money Online Part

In my previous article, I started with PPC-advertising. Take really good time in investigating PPC-advertising by teaming up with people or your company. The number one tool is to find keywords that attract more valuable traffic to your website. That is a money-investment.

Then actually starting with PPC-advertising is depending on so many different ways that it's too difficult to give an exact amount about monthly investments for PPC. When you decide to write articles, it's a free way to advertise. But to leverage your time in article writing, you can choose for a tool that can submit your articles to many publishers. Write one article, submit it and you will see your articles going to different publishers in one click.

This is a great and a must have tool if you decide article marketing. Combined with the keywordstool and this article submitter, you have a powerful combination. Monthly payment is about $40.00. Are you looking for a quality, free source of advertising to explode your online home business? Look no further than Craigslist. It's a free source, but if you want to use it for mass marketing (and you should), you have to have software to leverage your time and energy again.

The software I use is costing me a one time fee of almost $100.00. Then you need time-investment to make emailaccounts, headlines and ad copy for the advertisements. Also you have to purchase "Hide my IP" software.

This tool I use is costing me about $60.00 per month. If you look my articles in 'investing in making money online', I hope you get the picture. When you have little money to invest in marketing your product and/or service, there are some free ways to do it.

Time-investment in free advertising is huge, the money-investment is low. The more you want to leverage yourself, the more you have to invest in software and tools. So, a resume for money investments in marketing: * Buy your own domains, about $ 10.

00 a year. * Software for creating your webpages, autoresponders and much more, about $50.00 a month. * Keywordstool that attracts more valuable traffic, about $60.00 a month * Article submitter software, about $40.

00 a month * Software for posting ads on Craigslist, about $100.00 one time fee. * Software to hide your IP for Craigslist, about $60.00 a month. By only using these features stated, your money investment is monthly more then $200.

00, not to mention PPC-advertising, monthly autoshipments and one time fees. And now, the most important thing. The ROI (Return On Investment) is much higher. You can make a lot of money when you only are using these tools I explained. Take some months to investigate, go to the specified forums and I know that you too will succeed in the home based business.

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